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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Rt. 2X Madeira Farmer's Market

Beginning May 4th and continuing every Thursday through October the city of Madeira will be closing the layover and the park and ride on Dawson road that is used by route 2X.
The road (Dawson road) will not close until Thursday afternoon, but the layover  and park & ride spaces will be blocked  off all day on Thursdays. Madeira will have a Farmers market on this
segment of Dawson road between 2pm - 8pm.
Route 2X in the PM will need to detour
Via Euclid
R- Miami to layover on Miami in front of US bank. A Metro bus stop sign will be installed at this location.
Via Miami (from Temporary stop US Bank layover
L- Railroad
L- Center
L- Laurel
R- Miami
L- Euclid
Madeira will allow Metro customers to park in the Madeira  Municipal Building parking lot on Thursdays.
The Madeira Municipal building is located at the corner of Euclid & Miami.
Madeira will post signs at the layover on Thursday morning (early) informing Metro customers to park at the Municipal Building.