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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Street Closure 5th and Walnut

Beginning Friday July 12,2013 the Intersection of 5th and Walnut will be closed from 6pm Friday to 6am Monday
Following Route's will need to detour
Rt.1 Eastbound                          Rt.1 Westbound                                 Rt.6,10,32                          Rt.27
Via Walnut                                  Via Walnut                                          Via Race                             Via 5th
L- Govt Square                            L- Govt Square                                    L- 2nd                                 R- Race
Service Stall "B"                         Service Stall "B"                                 L- Main                               L- 2nd
L- Main                                       L- Main                                                                                          L- Main
R- 7th                                         R- 7th                                                                                            R- 5th
R- Sycamore                               R- Sycamore
L- 5th                                         R- 4th
                                                  L- Walnut
Rt.49                                         Rt.15X,42X                                         Rt.75X
Via Race                                     Via Walnut                                          Via Walnut
L- 2nd                                         L- Govt Square                                   L- Govt Square
L- Main                                       Service Stall "B"                                Service Stall "B"
R- 5th                                          L- Main                                              L- Main
                                                   R- 7th                                                 R- 7th
                                                   R- Sycamore                                       R- Sycamore
                                                   R- 4th                                                 L- 5th