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Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekend Events 4/28/2012

Print attached for operators.


The annual MS Walk will be held Saturday, April 28, 2012 in the downtown area. The walk is to be held on sidewalks only except for Pete Rose Way and Mehring Way. The Route 1 & 28/50 will be on detour (see below).  It is possible that you might be delayed a couple of minutes here and there as walkers cross the street. The event begins around 10:00am and should be concluded around 12:30pm.

 Please use extreme caution when traveling around pedestrians..

 Detours for Rt 1 & 28/50 10:00am until 12:30pm


Route 1                                                                                 Route 1

Eastbound only:                                                                  Westbound only:

Via 5th                                                                Via Ramp to Eggleston Ave

R- Pike (through on Pike past 4th)                                      thru onto 3rd St (Cross Eggleston)

L- 3rd                                                                                     R- Pike

 Straight thru onto ramp to Columbia Parkway          L- 4th

to regular route                                                                  R- Broadway

                                                                                                     to regular route




Route 28                                                                               Route 50

Eastbound:                                                                           Westbound:

Via 5th                                                                                   Via Pete Rose

R- Pike (through on Pike past 4th)                                      R- Eggleston Ave

L- 3rd                                                                                     L- 3rd St

R- Eggleston                                                                        R- Pike

L- Pete Rose Way                                                               L- 4th St

     to regular route                                                             R- Broadway

                                                                                                     to regular route