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Monday, February 8, 2010

21 and 64 detour.

Due to an auto accident, Harrison is blocked from McHenry to Ravogli. The route 21 and 64 will have to detour until further notice.
21 Inbound                          21 Outbound
Via Harrison                       Via Harrison
L- Fischer                            R- McHenry
L- Wunder                           L- WW Northern
R- Montana                        L- Montana
R- WW Northern               L- Wunder
R- Fyffe                                R- Fischer
R- McHenry                        R- Harrison
L- Harrison                         to reg. rt.
to reg. rt.                     
64 Inbound                          64 Outbound
Via Lafeuille                       Via McHenry
L- Harrison                          R- WW Northern
R- Fischer                           L- Montana
L- Wunder                           L- Wunder
R- Montana                        R- Fischer
R- WW Northern               L- Harrison
R- Fyffe                                R- Lafeuille
L- McHenry                         to reg. rt.
to reg. rt.
RCC will advise when clear.